Ellie Ferguson

Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor, Ballet Teacher

Ellie brings her experience as a professional ballet & contemporary dancer into her Pilates classes at Bien Être. Pilates has been an integral part of Ellie's injury prevention and recovery throughout her training and career, and this is why she so firmly believes in the power of Pilates for every body. Her classes offer a focus on precision and control, with the added challenge of moving with fluidity. Ellie will support you as your work towards your goals, and of course make sure the journey is fun too!

Mykola Filipovych

Personal Fitness Trainer

Mykola is dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life. Deliver high-energy training using the latest techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training. Delivers fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs for youth, teens adults and seniors that are fun, safe, extremely effective and tailored to individual needs. Certified and insured body transformation specialist that will help you to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Special Focus:
Fat loss
Building strength
Body toning
Functional training
High intensity interval training
Injury rehabilitation


Charlie Webber

Pilates & PT Instructor

Charlie has been teaching Pilates for almost 10 years in which she has worked with a range of clients, from elite athletes through to those with injury rehabilitation needs. Over her career, Charlie has taken additional courses, including pre- and post-natal, injuries & pathologies, osteoporosis, shoulder mechanics, advanced anatomy, hypermobility, and enhancing athletic performance. She was first introduced to Pilates over 20 years ago as to manage her hypermobility so she is able to bring her own experience and expertise to a condition which affects around 15% of the population. Charlie is passionate about helping her clients find the tools they need to achieve greater postural awareness. When she's not teaching Pilates, Charlie is studying to become a personal trainer and has also trained in functional movement with the Gray Institute. 

BASI Comprehensive Pilates instructor
Gray Institute 3D Maps
Level 2/3 Gym instructor 

Pre- and post natal
Injuries & pathologies
Working with the hypermobile client
Osteoporosis & the ageing client
Enhancing athletic performance
Optimising shoulder mechanics

Konstantina Chadoulou

BASI Pilates Instructor
Ballet Teacher

Konstantina was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She started ballet age 4 and her passion and talent for the discipline brought her to London to complete her Bachelors degree in Ballet Education at the Royal Academy of Dance. Konstantina’s strong ballet background and training was always supported by Pilates and it was her through her own positive experience with Pilates that she realised she wanted to know more and gain a greater depth of knowledge.  Although she loves teaching ballet, she wanted to expand her horizons and and completed her Comprehensive Pilates Teaching Certificate with BASI. Her dedication and passion shone throughout the course and exam and now her main focus is Pilates. She loves focusing on details, making people discover their bodies and feel better both physically and mentally.

BASI Comprehensive Pilates instructor
Ballet teacher



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