Vanessa Le Mat


Vanessa Le Mat is known and appreciated around the world for her transformative methods. She draws from her personal experiences of life and motherhood, an extraordinary dance career of athletic rigour and discipline, an artistic vision of movement and the human form, with a thorough academic and practical education in fitness and well-being.

Vanessa’s journey began when she studied at the prestigious Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne, where she gained a masters degree in dance and drama. It’s here that the seed of Vanessa’s curiosity for movement and the human form were sewn. As a professional dancer she performed on the world’s most prominent stages amongst them: Chaillot (Paris), Kirov, Bolchoi, BAM (New York) and Sadler’s Wells (London) to name a few.

At 23 Vanessa was the youngest of her generation to join The Forsythe Company - renowned for its ground breaking research lab, innovations in dance and its movement philosophy. It was here that Vanessa immersed herself in other movement techniques - Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Budo, Alexander technique and Pilates, alongside a daily ballet training. It was just the beginning of the rich foundation she draws from today at BIEN ÊTRE.

Vanessa continued to develop her own work. Receiving support from the Ministere of Culture and Communication Ile-de-France. She delved deeply into the world of conceptual / intellectual dance. By 2010, she had garnered national awards and recognition and was awarded with the Bourse dance Beaumarchais award. Her work was performed in such venues as Centre National de la Danse, Palais de Tokyo, Musée de la Chasse, Musée de la Mode.

Vanessa's life changing experience came with the arrival of her daughter in 2012. It was during this incredible time of rediscovering the human form and condition anew that Vanessa’s attention turned back to Pilates and its many benefits to health and well-being. She naturally progressed to becoming a Pilates instructor passing on her deep understanding of movement, anatomy and transformational techniques. Vanessa’s drive for knowledge and passion for movement enabled her to cultivate her own method of teaching with the opening of Bien Être Studio in 2018. She expands her knowledge every year with new international certificates and studies.


Qualifications & Experience
Ballet Teacher
BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
Garuda Teacher
Yoga teacher

Injuries & Pathologies
Scoliosis & Back Pain
Enhancing Athletic Performance
Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy
Optimising Shoulder Mechanics
Osteoporosis & Bones Density

Vanessa gained a BASI Pilates certificate in 2013. She is a member and certified of the French Pilates Federation (FPMP) and affiliated member of Pilates Foundation and REPS registered in UK


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